Monday, October 06, 2008

Antisocial networking

Once upon a time, Dillon and Kloe were close. Sadly though, it was destined not to last. Things went wrong. Things fell apart.

The problem was, Dillon became convinced that Kloe was two-timing him. And it wasn't just a one-off — Dillon got it into his lovestruck young head that Kloe was cheating on him again and again. Looking back, he told himself he'd seen the warning signs early on, after that time she'd given a lapdance to a 40 year old.

Could it be true? Did Kloe really betray him? To be honest, it doesn't matter whether or not it was true. The point is, Dillon believed it. And with that, the damage was done. Poor Dillon's heart was broken. Oh dear.

Time is a great healer though, and broken hearts get better, eventually. Just ask Dillon. That was then, but this is now. Dillon is officially over Kloe. Oh yes. Kloe is history. Dillon has achieved closure. He has moved on. What's more, Dillon is back in the game. He is up for a new relationship. He is single and looking. He is, as he puts it, down for whatever. A word of warning though — if you're trying to impress Dillon, don't show him a big spider. He doesn't like big spiders. Big spiders are a strict no-no.

But how do we know all this? How can we possibly deduce so much information from just a few scrawled words on the tiled wall of a row of railway arches lining Edinburgh's Abbeyhill, close to the Scottish Parliament? Simple. Because we live in an era of freely available social networking sites. Because few people seem to stop and think just how much personal information they give away online. Because there is little privacy any more. Because it's way too easy and way too tempting to air your dirty laundry in public. Because, for many people — and not just tempestuous, headstrong youngsters — self-restraint and common sense are things of the past. And because Google is such a frighteningly powerful tool.

Thanks for the insight, Dillon Good luck out there. Hope things work out better for you next time. Just don't forget to keep us posted, OK?


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