Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The hat-trick of delights

Well well well, haven't the bored teens here been busy? Three little gems. A hat-trick of delights. Let's take a closer look at them, one by one.

This main piece is a nice try, but it's ultimately flawed and almost certainly untrue. The claim regarding the enjoyment of sex with poultry is unlikely to be a genuine confession by a genuine idiot, and is probably just a comedic device for the entertainment of the culprit's friends. The novelty spelling is a nice touch though. But let's shift our attention to those black-inked declarations sharing its space.

Although Jess can be a name for boys as well as girls, the use of the inflammatory term sweaty slag infers that this particular Jess is female. It's certainly a colourful enough piece of libel, though without knowing Jess personally we cannot tell how accurate the comment is. Now, what about this third piece of graffiti, sitting just above it?

What a fine insult gormo is. It contains many of the plus points that an effective piece of verbal disparagement needs. It's simple, it's pithy, it's memorable, and it's derived from a longer word, meaning it's a textbook example of creative slang. In short, it's a good call. There's nothing gormless about it.

Gormo is a word that could easily pass into wider usage. Think of its potential applications. It could be aimed loudly at a dozy colleague, or muttered in the vague direction of a mismanaging manager at work. It could be spat ruthlessly at a slovenly pensioner as they fiddle with their small change, holding up the queue at a supermarket checkout or at a bus stop in the rain. Or the lead set by the perpetrator of the example seen above could be followed, and it could be marker-penned onto a telecommunications junction box, for passers-by to enjoy.

The image was captured in the spring of 2007, at the start of a footpath that takes walkers past a previously-featured piece of quality nonsense, which can be revisited here if you're curious.

So much choice graffiti, and all within such a small area. What are the chances of that happening?


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